Classic Cheeseburgers Made On A Sizzling Griddle

Sep 18, 2016
There’s something about certain foods that takes you back to your younger days. For me, one of those favorites is a classic fast food burger. You know the kind — thin and flat, cooked on a flattop or griddle, maybe served with a special sauce and American cheese. Shoestring fries and a fizzy soda on the side … perfection! Continue Reading

Finding Balance with Garlic and Five-Spice

Aug 30, 2016
This recipe for Garlic and Five-Spice Strip Steak hits all the right notes in perfect harmony: a little salty from soy sauce, a little sweet from brown sugar, and a little spice in the marinade complements the big, beefy umani-rich steak. Continue Reading

Belly Up! Visions of Plum Kitchen Dance In Our Heads

Aug 10, 2016
Oh, and with one particular cut of beef you’ve probably never heard of. Truth be told, Brett Sawyer’s Crispy Certified Angus Beef ® Belly is just one item on his impressive menu at The Plum Café & Kitchen, but for carnivores like us, the dish is the holy grail of beef innovation. Continue Reading