Chesapeake Crab Burger

If you're going to stuff a burger, why not go all the way: make a surf and turf burger! This easy combination of crab meat and Certified Angus Beef ® brand ground beef tops my favorite burgers list (and uses two of my favorite ingredients!).
Burger Bliss In Every Bite

There’s nothing wrong with those burgers of yore — or those occasions when you're tempted by a more dazzling array of choices! Check out this weeks favorites ... let's revel in these recipes for Burger Bliss!
Great steak connections

Let's connect, foodie friends! Let's engage in our own communities and inspire others to explore. It's a very flavorful adventure and we want you as a traveling companion!

BEEF 101

Smoke Gun in the kitchen

The smoke gun is designed especially for cold smoking: that is, the method of applying smoke to items that either do or do not need cooked.

Churrasco cooking or more simply: cooking via rotisserie over an indirect flame source isn’t anything new. Originating in Brazil three centuries ago, the cooking method is fairly unchanged over the years and, today, it's still the preparation method used in a growing number of popular Brazilian steakhouses.
Tomahawk Steak

The Tomahawk Steak is a rare find but totally worth the hunt! I asked Chef Michael Ollier and our in-house meat scientist, Dr. Phil Bass,...
Ground rules for ground beef

Making burgers? Follow these ground rules for ground beef!


Grilled Sirloin Peach Pizza

You can bake this pizza in the oven as the recipe suggests, or top a pre-made or flatbread crust with the grilled steak slices, peaches and toppings, then grill for smoky perfection.
Smoke Gun in the kitchen