Steak Medallions

We’re talking serious culinary alchemy, folks… and it’s the perfect choice for any special occasion dinner. I’m going to be making this again for Valentine’s Day. (This just in from the Department of Understatements: I’m pretty sure my husband will approve.)
Easy Oven Brisket

Americans have a love affair with brisket. There are endless possibilities, all undoubtedly delicious. And here's another brisket recipe to add to your collection: Easy Oven-braised Brisket. It takes only minutes to prepare and four hours of cook-time for countless bites of enjoyment.
Mediterranean Rub Steak

For those who are rooting for a particular team, or hail from the cities represented, it makes sense to feature regionally inspired dishes.

BEEF 101

Pan Roasting

Pan roasting is a simple technique that yields juicy tender steaks with sizzle. Simply prepare and cook the steaks, then set them aside to rest....
Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington looks fancy, sounds fancy and tastes fancy! But really, it’s made up of only three main things: beef, puff pastry and mushroom duxelles — a mixture of mushroom, shallot and herbs.
Classic Beef Stew

I’ve found beef to be the go-to choice to satisfy me and my guests, and it just so happens it can also be an inexpensive choice if you know what to look for.
Red wine-braised beef short ribs make a rich, decadent dish, ideal for Valentine's Day or any occasion.

ometimes you want a fancy meal, sometimes you want comfort food. This recipe fits the bill in both cases. Red wine-braised short ribs are rich and decadent, but they're also rustic and hearty. Serve with homemade mashed potatoes and your favorite green veggie, and you have a mouthwatering meal that will appease any and all hunger pangs.