An opportunity to see Kent Rollins' new cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy.
Strip Roast

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BBQ Brisket sandwich

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BEEF 101

Tomahawk Steak

The Tomahawk Steak is a rare find but totally worth the hunt! I asked Chef Michael Ollier and our in-house meat scientist, Dr. Phil Bass,...
Ground rules for ground beef

Making burgers? Follow these ground rules for ground beef!
Perfectly grilled steak dinner

Spring cleaning should always extend to your outdoor grill, too — and I don't mean turn a garden hose on the thing and call it a day. Your grill requires specific maintenance to keep it functioning properly.
Strip Steak

Well done? Medium? Rare? Without a thermometer — say a prayer.


Garlic CHili Rub

Steak rubs are dry and marinades are wet, but both impart flavor to the beef. This recipe for Garlic Chili Rub could also be called a marinade because it's wet, almost like a paste. It will enhance the flavor of your favorite steak cuts. Enjoy!
Tomahawk Steak