Sweet Summertime!

Mojo skewers

In short, I’m slowing down. I’m giving myself a break. I’m letting myself have some more fun. And I’m realizing how much I appreciate this pretty amazing life of mine. (Funny how that works, huh?) Here’s one of my favorite recipes this summer: Mojo Skewers. Continue reading

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Pantry Picks for Beef Lovers

Beef lovers' top 5 pantry items to have on hand.

We all have our favorites and Chef Michael Ollier is no exception. Whether he’s perfecting decadent beef dishes at work, or grilling steaks at home, his top five pantry staples are a must-have for beef lovers everywhere. Continue reading

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I’m A Wrapper

Midsummer lunch menus can be a challenge. One, because I’m busy doing other things and usually forget to plan ahead. Two, because it’s hot! Who wants to cook?! I’ve found a simple solution for midday woes, though, and now my lunch plans are all wrapped up. Continue reading

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