Our Experts

Meet our meat dream team, composed of chefs, a meat scientist and their overwhelming love for tasty, tender, exceptional Angus beef!

Chef Michael Ollier
Michael Ollier, corporate chef

Chef Michael Ollier

This man is enamored with cooking traditions. He believes the heart and soul of American cuisine begins at the family dinner table — a philosophy that serves him well on his travels with the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. Chef Michael uses his passion for food and subtle sense of humor to educate beef lovers about selecting and preparing delicious dishes.

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Dr. Phil Bass
Phil Bass, Ph.D.

Phil Bass, meat scientist

This is the man behind meat science at Certified Angus Beef LLC. We call him “Dr. Phil” because he earned a Ph.D. in meat science at Colorado State University. He’s a beef expert who began his career managing the meat plant at California Polytechnic State University while earning a master’s degree in animal science.
Dr. Phil loves the science behind the sizzle and answering your beef questions. Bottom line: this guy knows meat!

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  1. I am looking for your steak knife that has your logo on them they are a very good steak knife and would like to buy some so could you please help me. We used them at the Bear Bottom Inn in MacKay Idaho

  2. I am looking for steak knifes that I have used at the Bear Bottom Inn in MacKay Idaho and they are very good knifes and would like to buy some but I don’t know where to get them could you please help me

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