Sean Brasel Instagram takeover

An Artist In Chef’s Clothing

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” ~ Zig Ziglar

In the culinary world, the number of chefs trying to lead the pack would crowd the elevators. Sean Brasel, executive chef at Meat Market Miami, did not earn his success by sticking to traditional methods, but by choosing to take the stairs. What started out as a dishwasher job for a 15 year-old boy trying to earn money to buy a car has culminated in a successful career. Brasel recently opened his third steakhouse.

Hard work is key to his success. Brasel also listened to the experts and took on as many positions within the restaurant industry as he could. And in one of the world’s hottest foodie markets his willingness and desire to create the next big thing is a driving force. He’s not afraid to take a risk and start a trend. Brasel’s food is delicious and artistic. And each of his dishes has a unique personality that adds to the eating experience.

Brasel’s innovative perspective is intriguing. He recently took over the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s Instagram account for a couple of days. And here are 10 reasons why he was a perfect fit:

Sean Brasel Instagram takeover

1.     Bone-in filet with stone crab herb butter

2.    Cocktail buffalo short rib bourbon maple glaze with cauliflower caramelized onion puree

3.    Tamarind teriyaki-glazed ahi tuna, cucumber enoki salad, ginger cucumber infused foam

4.    Prime roasted bone marrow, cherry and short rib marmalade

5.    5 spice wood-grilled tuna, Fresno chili and beet fluid gel, picked chipolini onion quinoa salad

6.    Sous vide short rib, quinoa salad with pisco sour foam

7.    Charbroiled bone-in New York Strip

8.    Pan-roasted elk tenderloin with Mandarin demi, quinoa orange salad, mulberries

9.    Prime aged New York Strip with Latin chimichurri

10.  Short rib agnolotti with arugula and chili pancetta glaze

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