Phil Bass, Ph.D.

Phil Bass, Ph.D.
Meat Scientist Dr. Phil Bass

As corporate meat scientist for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, “Dr. Phil” analyzes carcass and meat data. Phil sleeps, breathes and eats — literally — beef!

Phil’s career began at Polytechnic State University where he managed the meat plant while working on his master’s degree in animal science. He has a doctorate in meat science from Colorado State University.

Read more about Phil’s passion for tasty meat here:

9 thoughts on “Phil Bass, Ph.D.”

  1. Hey Phil. Today I ate at a restaurant that served me a “bistro” steak. They said it was from the front shoulder. Is this a Denver Steak?
    Hope you are all doing well.

  2. Wayne,

    Most often, the “bistro steak” is a muscle that is from the shoulder but it is not the same as the Denver steak. The bistro steak is commonly cut from the petite shoulder tender and its Latin name is the Teres major. It is a very tender steak but has a more delicate flavor. Hope this helps and that you are all well. Take care!


  3. Dr. Phil, I was with you in Atlanta Ga. First it was nice to meet someone from the same neck of the woods. I have been cutting meat my whole life and thought that this was going to be another boring seminar, but you quickly changed my perspective. This old dog even walked away learning a couple new things. It was a great pleasure meeting you, I hope to cross paths with you again soon.
    Take care ,

    1. Glen,

      Thank you for the kind words. Glad to hear you found value in the day and always great to meet another from Northern California. Stay in touch.


  4. Dr Phil, I was invited to come to your event at northern quest casino but unfortunately had a family emergency. I had someone go in my place and take video. Wish I could’ve made it but can’t wait to watch the breakdown!!

  5. Hello Doctor,
    I live in Northeast Ohio and am interested in trying a Denver steak. Where do you know that cuts them?

  6. Dr. Phil: I want to thank you for coming to Kansas City and helping with our presentation to the Chef Asso. dinner last night. All three of the short ribs you showed were explained very well and should help promote those products. We always do well in selling the CAB label. Have a safe trip home. John Scavuzzo

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  8. Hi Phil,
    Maybe not the best forum to say this but I just saw a video with you on YouTube discussing brisket and thought… holy crap! That’s my roommate and meat science instructor from Cal Poly! We didn’t see each other much, but I was the guy with the snakes out on the poultry unit.

    Anyway, good to see you and am very glad for your success. Your Ossian for beef was clear back then and is even clearer now! Best of luck I the future.


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